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A little about myself

I work as a Software Engineer at Toyota Connected, India. I mess with Rust, Go, and Istio in my day job.  I'm a huge fan of Rust. Consequently, I don't miss any chance to annoy my coworkers by flattering Rust ;)

Previously at Qube Cinema, I worked in the Content Delivery team of Qube Wire. My work involved building cloud and edge systems in Go. Some of the interesting technologies and approaches we used to build the movie delivery system were P2P download (BitTorrent), Event-driven microservices, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Hardware Security Module (HSM), etc.

Currently, I'm intrigued by the inner workings of proxy (Envoy) and service mesh (Istio). So, I'm digging into the details during my spare time.

Here is what I have in my arsenal - Go, Rust, C++, Python, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Docker, Istio, Envoy, Kubernetes.

Outside of technology, I like reading books (fictional and non-fictional), playing sports (basketball, cricket, badminton), and learning new skills like 3D modeling. Recently, I picked up a new hobby of learning Economics.